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In 1991 Rev. Sharpton founded the National Action Network in Harlem, New York, which is the current location of the NAN national headquarters and the New York State headquarters.  In Harlem at the "House of Justice" our president Rev. Al Sharpton holds weekly "action rallies" where he comments on the events of the past week and lays out our vision for the future.  These rallies occur at 9:30am on Saturdays and should be replicated wherever possible.  The rallies are broadcast live over the radio and later show non local cable television stations.  Rev. Sharpton also hosts a weekly radio show ,"Sharp Talk", on Sundays from 6pm-8pm.  Both radio and television broadcast can be rebroadcast or broadcast live in different areas.

The Harlem, New York chapter is the model for NAN chapters across the country.  Though we recognize that ever local chapter must be unique to service its community, all chapters should examine the organization of NAN in Harlem to help formulate their own structure.  The Harlem NAN chapter has acquired its own office space and auditorium (The House of Justice).  In the House of Justice NAN staff and volunteers are able to do their assigned tasks.  Rallies are held in the House of Justice and people from the community know that this is a place they can come for help day or night.

All of this is done from donations by supporters of the Network. We primarily rely on volunteers and their work to make our organization a success!  And "Yes", we accept CORPORATE DONATIONS!

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