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The Rev Al Sharpton and a group of political and human rights activist in New York founded the National Action Network (NAN) in early 1991.

NAN fights to empower people by providing extensive voter education, services aiding the poor, supporting economically small community businesses, confronting racism and violation of civil and human rights.

NAN is a political, human and civil rights organization that was conceived with a focus on action in accordance with the vision of its founder, Rev. Sharpton. With the "national" representing the scope of its activities and "network" reflection the methodology of its expansion, NAN encompasses the vision of Rev. Sharpton by networking in "action" with individuals, groups and organization throughout New York and the nation.

National Action Network (NAN) brings out government awareness, public and social affairs. NAN organization is a activist oriented organization that was conceived with a focus on Action, with the word National that represents the scope of our activities and Network reflecting the methodology of expansion. The organization provides voter awareness and the national platform revolves around activism against racial profiling, police brutality, women issues, economic reform, public education, and aids awareness. National Action Network is based in New York city, 35 national chapters within the United States and growing.



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